Lawn Fertilization Services St Louis Mo

Lawn fertilization is an important aspect to any proper lawn care maintenance. The average home owner buys lawn fertilizers from the garden shop. Professionals at TruLove Landscapes,LLC understand lawn fertilization in St. Louis, MO as a primary lawn care practice. Our professionals possess the knowledge to select a quality fertilizer based on the type of grass you have. We know which rates (amounts) to apply and during which season.

A myth about lawn fertilization is that there is a perfect one for your lawn. This isn’t true. However, our professionals know how to find the one most relevant to your needs. Sometimes your needs might venture more toward organic fertilizers instead of conventional fertilizers.

Lawn fertilization in St. Louis, MO should be carefully done by professionals or one runs the risk of burning their lawn with high nitrogen fertilizers if applied too liberally or too often, whereas organic fertilizers run the risk of too little fertilization in the application. Since organic fertilizers contain low percent nitrogen, more material must be spread to reach the proper amount of nitrogen. These materials can be better suited for improving the quality of the soil as opposed to supplying nutrients.

In order to accurately determine whether conventional or organic fertilizers should be used, or whether dry fertilizer products are better than liquid products, hire professionals from TruLove Landscapes,LLC to accurately analyze each product and the needs of your lawn. Too much and too little lawn fertilization can damage the lawn. Therefore, allow us to do the math required to calculate the rate per application needed.