Irrigation Instalation St Louis MO

Irrigation is vital to the survival of any landscape. It is the method of artificially applying water to your soil. Without irrigation, one cannot maintain their landscapes during periods where rainfall is inadequate. There are many different types of irrigation. The one best suited for your landscape needs can be determined through our professionals. The first type is surface irrigation. This is when water moves across your landscape naturally, thanks to gravity. This is also known as flood irrigation. Next is localized irrigation which uses a system of piped water networks to distribute low pressure water in patterns which are pre-determined. The subsections of this include drip irrigation, spray irrigation, micro-sprinkler, as well as bubbler irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation is the most common irrigation system for the average residential home and uses piped water distributed through overhead sprinklers or guns. These sprinklers or guns are mounted on permanent risers. The rotors in sprinkler irrigation can be made to rotate in partial circles or full circles. Thanks to technology, sprinkler systems can be installed under your lawn or landscape so that water is distributed evenly to any area which you choose. Electronic systems can be installed which allow you to set specific times you wish to water: ideally in the early morning or late at night so that there is a lower chance of evaporation. Our professionals can help you set the right length of time for your landscape to be watered as well.