Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services St Louis MO

TruLove Landscapes, LLC offers landscaping services to fit the needs of any home owner or business owner. Landscaping encompasses any action which modifies your home including any visible areas of land. Gardening, cultivating a beautiful environment with living elements is one aspect of landscaping. Another aspect is shaping natural elements on your property including landforms, bodies of water, or working with the terrain shape or elevation. Lastly, landscaping includes abstract elements such as lighting conditions and irrigation systems.

Landscaping requires more than just mowing a lawn and watering a few flowers. It is an art which mixes natural science, observation, and creative design to understand nature as well as construction and create a mold from both of them. Our professionals work hard to not just help you with your landscaping, but to focus on integrating garden design with elements of your landscape to produce an environment which combines practical, horticultural, and aesthetic components. This requires our extensive knowledge of soils, botany, landscape architecture, construction, and artisan specialties. Whether it is commercial or residential, we seek to provide the talents, knowledge, and skills to complete the design you want with the best maintenance, all the while contributing to the value of your property.

The approach to landscaping utilized combines your budget, objectives with natural features of your land such as climate, orientation, drainage, municipal codes, soils, lighting, native plants, and construction. Subjective are your needs such as, the desired plants, possible modifications or replacements, artistic components, plant palettes, focal points, spatial development, function, as well as beauty. Our goal at TruLove Landscapes, LLC is to make sure that through a combination of functionality, beauty, affordability, feasibility, and your desires, we can create a landscape as unique as our customers.