One of the simplest procedures used in gardening, mulching offers a protective layer of different materials which can be spread on top of your existing soil. Mulch can be normal inorganic materials such as plastic, brick chips, or stones, but can also be organic which include grass clippings, bark chips, or straw. Mulching is very beneficial. Not only does it protect your soil from any erosion, but it also reduces the possibility for soil compaction due to things such as heavy rain impact. Mulching conserves moisture while reducing the need for more frequent water while maintaining an even soil temperature. Mulching also prevents the growth of weeds while keeping any fruits or vegetables clean. Lastly, mulching provides a finished and clean look for your garden.

Both organic and inorganic mulching have different benefits to them as well. Organic mulch slowly decomposes, providing organic matter that will loosen your soil. By doing this, the organic mulching will improve the growth of roots while improving water-holding ability in the soil, and increasing water infiltration. Inorganic mulching is permanent and at times might be difficult to remove, assuming you want to change your plants. It is therefore recommended by our professionals that you use organic mulches. By opting for organic mulches, you can simultaneously recycle some of the materials which we gather from landscaping your lawns such as lawn clippings after mowing. Newspapers also work as mulch material, controlling weeds. Leaves that are blown and gathered can be put into the organic mulch materials as well as leaf mold and decomposing leaves.

Our professionals know precisely when to apply mulching. They are able to determine the amount and application time of mulching to achieve the optimum moderation of soil temperature. They also know what other additives can be mixed into your organic mulch to help the growth of specific plants such as pine needles for rhododendrons or blueberries. At TruLove Landscapes we can determine the type of mulch and proper amount needed for your garden.