Pavers- Natural Stone Patios

Pavers Natural Stone Patios St Louis MO

Natural stone patios in St. Louis, MO have changed over time. The majority of residential houses had front and back yards with luscious, green grass and were cut to perfection. Today, with busier lifestyles, people require lawns with less maintenance. Because of this, natural stone patios and natural stone pavers have become very popular alternatives. They complement residential properties by enhancing the aesthetic appeal as well as monetary value.

The benefits to natural stone patios are their strength as well as durability. They are able to hold a large amount of weight, often the perfect amount of weight needed in driveways or other areas of high traffic. Their durability makes stone pavers a great application not just for natural stone patios but for courtyards, driveways, walkways, or pool areas. Natural stone patios and pavers can withstand weather all year round by being resistant to sun, frost free, non-slip, freeze-thaw resistant, and snow removal is easy with nothing more than a shovel. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, natural stone patios and pavers can meet the needs of even the most eccentric customer.

Natural stone patios and pavers can be applied to residential as well as commercial areas, fit for plazas, shopping malls, pedestrian crossings, playgrounds, footpaths, cycle ways, and recreational paths. The maintenance is simple. Replacement is even simpler if damage ensues. If one or two pavers are damaged, the soil needs to be prepared and then new stone pavers can be applied to the area in a very inexpensive process.

While the term pavers is very generic, it does cover stone pavers, concrete pavers, as well as brick pavers. Each of the three means requires separate applications, costs, designs, procedures for installation, as well as technical standards. Adjustments are easily made for mistakes in installation with sand placed in between pavers to hold them and prevent them from shifting as time passes. Color options for stone pavers include marble, bluestone, limestone, porphyry, and sandstone. Concrete pavers and brick pavers are created by mixing raw materials at a manufacturing plant. As far as finishes go for natural stone patios and pavers, customers are offered a polished finish, honed finish, flamed finish, or thermal finish.