Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services St Louis MO

TruLove Landscapes, LLC provides snow removal in St. Louis, MO to make sure that travel is not only safer, but easier for our customers. Removing snow from plants and surrounding gardens can keep them alive longer while removing it from patios, driveways, and walkways saves time and energy for our customers while keeping them safe. Given the colder region with higher precipitation, the best tools we can offer for lighter snow are snow shovels and snow scoops to slide the snow onto more suitable surfaces and out of your way. Given the mortality rate of senior citizens and middle aged persons from the physical exertion that snow removal places on the back and heart, it is safer in many ways to hire the professionals from TruLove Landscapes, LLC for snow removal.

Snow removal often comes with the frustration of ice. Ice is more difficult and more dangerous; however, the use of spades can work well to break through the ice, or covering the area with salt to remove the ice faster. There are certain laws that require homeowners to clear snow from in front of their house and any public walkways up to the mailbox. Hiring a professional for snow removal can reduce your liability for possible injuries sustained in those areas which are not cleared.

When hiring our professional contractors for snow removal, we provide our snow removal equipment without the hassle. After snow removal, surfaces are treated by spreading different types of materials on surfaces such as your driveway or walkway. There are chemical and inert materials. Chemical materials include things such as salt and induce freezing-point depression which causes the ice and snow to melt at lower temperatures. They are often applied as a means of preventative measure as well as after snow. Inert materials include things such as sand and improve traction on said surfaces. Both can be applied simultaneously.