Water Features

Water Features Installation St Louis MO

Water features in St. Louis, MO offer a soothing transformation of any indoor or outdoor space conducive to relaxation, social scenes, and a focal point through both sound and sight. Our professionals offer a variety of preformed and constructed water features with an even bigger variety of materials from which to choose.

Some options include stone and mortar walls for garden features. Other artistic water features can include stacked-stone features. Stacked-stone can make works of art for any courtyard fountain or patio fountain with shapes and sizes created to match your needs. If you seek a natural look in your water features, larger plants can offer a natural look and feel, hiding the technical parts of any water features. Whimsical seating can be an appropriate addition to view classical fountains with a European style. Otherwise, Asian garden designs can combine simplicity with remote-controlled water features such as waterfalls.

Our goal is to provide water features and fountains in a simple selection process which can be ordered or created to match your desires. We take the hassle out of trying to make a water feature yourself and we will take care of the shopping and landscaping work. Our professionals are equipped to select the right sized water garden pump for your water feature sufficient for any pond. We also understand which types of plastic pond liners are best to form flexible liners as well as walls. We know the right amout of sand to purchase for adjustable flooring and we also know which types of fountain statuaries and tubing will be needed for your specific design.

Our company can provide rocks, plants, and additional statuary to achieve the optimal backyard look with an artificial pond as well as ornamental features. The materials are limitless with options inclusive of stainless steel, copper, slate, marble, black onyx, glass and mirror, or fire and water.